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Whispering from the Clouds

Whispering from the Clouds

Up high in the sky, so free and so fair,
The clouds dance and float, without a care.
Their beauty and grace, a sight to behold,
Their whispers so soft, never growing old.

They whisper of secrets, hidden from sight,
Of dreams and of hopes, taking flight.
Their messages carried, by gentle breeze,
Across the world, and through the trees.

The clouds speak of love, and of new beginnings,
Of endless possibilities, and of endless winnings.
Their words echo softly, in our hearts and minds,
Guiding us forward, to seek and to find.

So look up to the sky, and hear their sweet song,
The clouds are calling, to join them and belong.
Whispering from the clouds, they offer us hope,
Their message so clear, we must learn to cope.

For life can be hard, and sometimes unfair,
But the clouds remind us, to always stay aware.
To keep looking up, and to keep moving on,
For in the clouds, our spirits can be reborn.

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