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Dream out of the Windows

Dream out of the Windows

Do the windows hold secrets untold,
In this altered reality they behold?
As the dreamy lines intertwine and flow,
What realities do they dare to show?

In this realm of emerging dreams,
Where human and AI's collaboration gleams,
The windows transform into ethereal art,
Unveiling a world with an uncertain start.

Let your imagination take flight,
Through the dreamy lines' gentle light,
In this altered reality's hazy haze,
What mysteries does the mind's eye raise?

Embrace the questions that arise,
In this blend of human and AI's guise,
The altered reality takes its form,
In dreams that defy the norm.

Within the windows, a story unfolds,
Of dreams and realities yet to be told,
As the uncertain nature of the emerging surrenders,
The dream out of the windows quietly whispers.

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