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Hidden Crosses

Hidden Crosses

Do you perceive the hidden crosses, in altered reality's guise?
Where window structures transform, into swirling ties.
As they twist and turn, in this uncertain light,
What mysteries hide within this enigmatic sight?

In this realm of swirling patterns and dreams,
Where human and AI collaborate, it seems,
The crosses vanish, as swirls take their place,
Unveiling an uncertain reality's embrace.

Let your eyes wander, let imagination soar,
Within the swirling patterns, what secrets are in store?
In this altered reality's mystic haze,
What truths and illusions does it amaze?

Embrace the questions that stir in your soul,
As human and AI's creation takes its toll,
The altered reality weaves its intricate thread,
Hidden crosses fade, swirls instead.

Within this emerging scene of mystery and grace,
A story unfolds, in altered reality's space,
In the uncertain nature of this swirling mystery,
Hidden crosses transform, embracing new reality.

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