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Inside the Curves

Inside the Curves

Can you see beyond the buildings' frame,
Inside the curves, where reality's name,
Bends and twists, a world yet unknown,
With abstract dunes, the ocean's throne?

In this altered reality, where lines entwine,
Human and AI's collaboration, divine,
The buildings transform, wrapped in surreal,
A merging of worlds, an uncertain ordeal.

Let your vision wander, let your thoughts explore,
Inside the curves, where mysteries galore,
In this realm of emerging hues and shades,
What secrets lie within these artistic braids?

Embrace the questions, the enigma they bring,
As human and AI dance, creating a new thing,
The altered reality unveils its wondrous scheme,
In abstract curves, where reality gleams.

Within the frame, a story takes shape,
Of buildings embraced by the dunes' gentle drape,
As the uncertain nature of the emerging plays,
Inside the curves, reality's boundaries sway.

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