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Where it belongs

Where it belongs

Do you remember these windows, lost in sands of time,
Where the raw materials of glass and concrete belong?
As they merge with abstract grains, in this altered sight,
What mysteries lie in this uncertain light?

In this realm of shifting sands and dreams,
Where human and AI's collaboration beams,
The windows become one with the surreal,
An uncertain reality they reveal.

Let your eyes wander, let your thoughts ignite,
In abstract sands, what visions take flight?
In this altered reality's shifting haze,
What truths and illusions does it amaze?

Embrace the questions, let them guide your way,
As human and AI create in this strange ballet,
The altered reality unveils its enigmatic art,
Where windows and sands find their destined part.

Within the depths of this emerging scene,
A story unfolds, where worlds convene,
As the uncertain nature of reality thrives,
Where it belongs, the surreal world arrives.

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