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City Pulse

City Pulse

A symphony of lights, a rhythmic dance,
Vertical lines in hues of red, orange, and white enhance.
As the car glides on the highway's path,
The camera captures a mesmerizing aftermath.

Vehicle lights pulsate with vibrant glow,
Symbolizing the city's pulse, its lifeblood's flow.
Red, like the tail lights of cars in the night,
Orange, the headlights that pierce through with might.

White, the brake lights that signal a pause,
A metropolis alive, with traffic's constant cause.
Up and down, the camera does sway,
Capturing the city's spirit, in a dazzling display.

A symphony of colors, in motion and motionless,
A visual symphony, a spectacle to impress.
The lights, a metaphor of prosperity and pace,
A city's vibrancy, a captivating embrace.

Live blood of the economy, a symbol so bright,
A thriving metropolis, a beacon of light.
A pulsating rhythm, a vibrant beat,
A symphony of lights, in a city's heartbeat.

So let us marvel at this city pulse,
A visual masterpiece, a vibrant impulse.
Captured in the night, through camera's lens,
A symphony of lights, a story to comprehend.

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