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Dance of Kaleidoscopic Waves

Dance of Kaleidoscopic Waves

Colors collide, in a dazzling array,
A symphony of hues, in a mesmerizing display.
Light waves come alive, in a wondrous trance,
A captivating dance, a kaleidoscopic chance.

Green, blue, and pink, in vibrant hues,
Merge and mingle, in a colorful fuse.
Running lights transformed, by camera's spin,
Into waves of magic, a visual win.

As the window's lights move, in rhythmic flow,
A world of wonder, begins to glow.
Captured in motion, by spinning lens,
A spectacle of artistry, a visual lens.

Green waves surge, in an emerald tide,
Blue waves swirl, in an oceanic ride.
Pink waves sway, in a rosy embrace,
A kaleidoscopic symphony, a stunning grace.

The camera's spin, a creative thrill,
Revealing a world, that time stands still.
Where light waves dance, in a harmonious play,
A captivating display, in a mesmerizing array.

So let us behold, this magical sight,
Of light waves in motion, a breathtaking light.
A dance of colors, in a kaleidoscopic show,
A masterpiece of art, a visual glow.

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