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Dancing Lights

Dancing Lights

In the night, a ride to behold,
In Wonderland, a story untold.
With lights aglow in colors bright,
A thrilling journey, a magical sight.

But beyond the ride's exciting might,
Lies a world of wonder, serene and bright.
As the wheels spin, and lights align,
A romantic scene, a love divine.

The light lines dance in graceful curves,
Like arches of love that forever preserves,
Their gentle glow, a romantic embrace,
In a serene enchantment, a tranquil space.

The colors shift, in hues so surreal,
A symphony of lights, a captivating appeal.
They paint the night in a romantic glow,
A dance of love, a magical show.

Amidst the stillness, they softly sway,
Creating art in their elegant display.
A moment frozen in time's embrace,
A fairy tale scene, a lover's place.

So let us dream and be whisked away,
To a realm of wonder, where lights play.
Where excitement meets serenity's touch,
In this enchanted world, we've come to clutch.

As the ride slows down, and the night grows old,
The lights linger on, in a story told.
Of a magical journey, a romantic flight,
In Wonderland's embrace, under starry light.

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