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Emerald Disc of Wonderland

Emerald Disc of Wonderland

In Wonderland's ride, a thrilling flight,
Through the dark of night, a mesmerizing sight.
As the wheels spin fast, and the lights dance,
A captivating show, a thrilling trance.

But as the ride slows down, and comes to a still,
A magical sight, a tranquil thrill.
A disc of light, in emerald green,
A wondrous vision, dynamic and serene.

Lines of light, in circular form,
A captivating display, a visual norm.
They move and swirl, in a mesmerizing race,
A kaleidoscope of green, a breathtaking pace.

Like an emerald disc, spinning in the air,
A stunning show, beyond compare.
They paint the night, with vibrant sheen,
A dazzling spectacle, an enchanted scene.

In this moment frozen, a wonder to behold,
The ride's excitement, now tranquil and bold.
A pure green disc, in dynamic flight,
A breathtaking sight, a magical light.

So let us revel, in awe and delight,
At this emerald disc, a captivating sight.
A transformation, in motion's grace,
In Wonderland's embrace, a magical place.

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