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Glimmering Waves of Midnight Ride

Glimmering Waves of Midnight Ride

In the dark of night, a bicyclist glides,
With wheels spinning fast, on a journey that hides.
But in the midst of motion, a breathtaking sight,
Blue lines of light, in waves of pure delight.

Like a midnight ocean, calm and serene,
A shimmering spectacle, a visual dream.
The blue lines dance, in graceful waves,
A luminous display, that mesmerizes and saves.

With each pedal stroke, the waves come alive,
A symphony of motion, a vibrant dive.
In hues of blue, from deep to bright,
A captivating scene, in the dark of night.

The bike becomes a brush, painting the air,
With strokes of blue, so vibrant and rare.
A canvas of movement, in a stunning display,
A symphony of lights, in a wondrous array.

As the rider speeds on, through the silent night,
The waves keep dancing, in their celestial flight.
A magical moment, frozen in time,
A sight to behold, so breathtaking and prime.

In the stillness of night, a masterpiece created,
With blue lines of light, beautifully orchestrated.
A visual symphony, of motion and grace,
A stunning capture, in a magical place.

So let us gaze in awe, at this midnight ride,
Where blue waves shimmer, with beauty so wide.
A breathtaking vision, a wonder to behold,
A glimmering treasure, in a story untold.

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