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Highway Light Symphony

Highway Light Symphony

A symphony of lights, in the dark of the night,
A dazzling display, a mesmerizing sight.
Vertical lines, in red and white,
Dance and twirl, with pure delight.

On the highway's path, they come alive,
Traffic lights transformed, into a visual dive.
As the car rides on, with speed and motion,
The camera captures, a magical commotion.

Up and down, the lens does move,
Revealing a symphony, in a rhythmic groove.
Red lines rise, with vibrant hue,
White lines fall, in a dazzling cue.

A dance of colors, in a graceful flow,
A symphony of lights, that seem to glow.
A mesmerizing display, in every direction,
A visual masterpiece, a magical connection.

As the car moves on, through the night,
The highway becomes, a canvas of light.
A breathtaking scene, a wondrous show,
A symphony of traffic lights, that seem to glow.

So let us revel, in this highway light symphony,
Of vertical lights, in red and white harmony.
A captured moment, of motion and light,
A visual delight, a magical sight.

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