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Mystic Cubes of Light

Mystic Cubes of Light

A window at dusk, a clinic's facade,
A canvas for creativity, a moment unflawed.
Running lights flicker, in hues so bright,
A mesmerizing sight, a colorful light.

Through camera's spin, a magical dance,
Cubes of light emerge, in a mystical trance.
Colors abound, in green, blue, and pink,
A stunning display, a visual link.

The massage sign vanished, ads out of sight,
Leaving behind, an intriguing sight.
Mystery in the air, an enigmatic glow,
As cubes of light, in kaleidoscopic show.

Green cubes dance, in a vibrant sway,
Blue cubes shimmer, in an oceanic display.
Pink cubes twinkle, in a rosy embrace,
A symphony of colors, in a mystical place.

The camera's spin, a creative spin,
Unveiling a world, a magical win.
Where running lights transform, into cubes of delight,
A mesmerizing spectacle, a captivating sight.

So let us marvel, at this mystic scene,
Of colorful cubes, in a dance so serene.
A moment frozen in time, a mystery untold,
A treasure of artistry, a story to behold.

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