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Shower of Light

Shower of Light

From cosmic realms, a shower of light,
Transforming statues, with colors bright.
A spinning lens, a cosmic dance,
Capturing magic in a single glance.

Orange hues, like cosmic flames,
Bathing statues, in celestial claims.
A shower of light, from distant stars,
A celestial gift, from realms afar.

Camera-in-motion, a cosmic spin,
Freezing time, with light within.
A shower of light, a visual treat,
Transforming reality, in colors sweet.

The statues adorned, with cosmic glow,
Radiating warmth, a celestial show.
A cosmic embrace, a fleeting sight,
A shower of light, in the dark of night.

A moment captured, with awe and grace,
A cosmic spectacle, in a single space.
A shower of light, a cosmic art,
A timeless treasure, that warms the heart.

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