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Breath in Thin Air

Breath in Thin Air

Glass windows gazing, reaching high,
Three towers soaring toward the sky.
Ascent of dreams, with steadfast might,
Success pursued, from morning to night.

But do they feel, as they climb the way,
That breath is thin, with each new day?
The pressure mounting, the path unsure,
As they strive for more, the challenges endure.

In these grand offices, gleaming bright,
Aspirations soar, like birds in flight.
A race for success, in the corporate race,
Where dreams take shape, with determined pace.

The climb is steep, the journey long,
As they push ahead, courageous and strong.
With each step upward, a breath they take,
In rarefied air, where dreams are at stake.

But amidst the struggle, they carry on,
With hearts resolute, though doubts may dawn.
For they know the road, though tough and steep,
Is a testament to the dreams they keep.

So they breathe in thin air, with strength and grace,
Eyes on the summit, at a steady pace.
For success is earned, with effort and sweat,
A prize cherished, a goal they won't forget.

In these high-rise buildings, reaching the sky,
They strive to soar, with wings that fly.
With each breath in thin air, they rise above,
Conquering challenges, with unwavering love.

So as they climb, with dreams in sight,
They breathe in thin air, with all their might.
For in the pursuit of goals, they are aware,
That the journey is worth it, as they breathe in thin air.

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