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Embrace of Heights

Embrace of Heights

Two buildings tall, they rise with might,
Stretching to touch the sky's vast height.
In an urban landscape, they stand in grace,
Like lovers yearning, face to face.

Leaning close, a gentle tilt,
A dance of steel and glass, to wilt
Into each other's presence, they sway,
In an embrace of heights, a love display.

Their windows gleam, with city lights,
A symphony of colors, in dazzling nights.
Their walls, a canvas, for stories to tell,
Of people, dreams, and tales that dwell.

They share a secret, whispered in the air,
A silent kiss, a moment rare,
As if their souls, entwined in flight,
Dance in the sky, in pure delight.

They stand together, side by side,
Two souls entwined, in urban stride.
A symbol of unity, in a world so vast,
A love story, in a concrete contrast.

In a city bustling, with life and sound,
They find solace, in each other's surround.
A kiss in the air, forever to remain,
A love affair, in a concrete domain.

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