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Open Books

Open Books

A building standing tall and grand,
With books stacked high, a striking brand.
Open to the sky, an invitation,
To stories penned in urban creation.

Each window a page, a tale within,
Of dreams pursued, of struggles and wins.
The residents, the authors, of these books,
Writing their stories, with every look.

Some chapters filled with laughter and delight,
Others with tears, and battles to fight.
The highs and lows, the twists and turns,
Etched in the pages, as the city yearns.

For progress and growth, for dreams to unfold,
For stories to be written, stories untold.
A canvas of lives, in vibrant hues,
Painting the city, with diverse views.

From all walks of life, the pages unfold,
The immigrant, the student, the young and old.
Each contributing, their unique part,
To the open book, of the city's heart.

A testament to human history,
A symphony of lives, in perfect harmony.
These open books, with pages so wide,
Where stories are written, with every stride.

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