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Open to the Sky

Open to the Sky

Two buildings stand, side by side,
In perfect parallel, with nothing to hide.
A window of space, open to the sky,
A canvas for dreams, that soar up high.

A symbol of openness, a culture of innovation,
Where minds are free, with boundless imagination.
A space for ideas, to take flight,
Unfettered by boundaries, reaching for the light.

The sky's the limit, for those who dare,
To dream beyond, with passion and flair.
A world of possibilities, in that open gap,
Where creativity thrives, like a thunderclap.

Innovation blooms, in this open space,
A beacon of progress, a dynamic place.
A culture of curiosity, where minds explore,
Unleashing ideas, never seen before.

The buildings stand, in perfect symmetry,
A reflection of a vision, that's bold and free.
An invitation to dream, with hearts open wide,
Embracing the future, with a pioneering stride.

So let us embrace, this spirit so bright,
Of openness, innovation, and soaring height.
With minds wide open, and hearts set free,
We'll paint a future, as vast as the sky's infinity.

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