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A towering arrow, reaching high,
Piercing the clouds, touching the sky.
A symbol of progress, ambition's mark,
In a city where dreams embark.

But as it rises, questions arise,
For urban dwellers with searching eyes.
Housing prices, soaring fast,
A challenge faced, with shadows cast.

The arrow points, towards the sky,
But where will the future lie?
With homes unattainable, for many a soul,
Will affordable housing be the ultimate goal?

A city's heartbeat, its pulse and pace,
Yet, housing costs, a daunting race.
The dream of a home, a place to stay,
Seems distant, as prices sway.

But hope still lingers, in hearts and minds,
For solutions yet to be defined.
A future where homes are for all,
Where housing is a right, not a costly call.

The arrow points, with optimism bright,
Towards a future that shines with light.
Where affordable housing takes its place,
With fairness, equity, and grace.

So as the arrow points, towards the sky,
The hope for change will never die.
For urban issues, with challenges rife,
Can be overcome, with determination and life.

A city that thrives, with housing fair,
Where dreams are attainable, for all to share.
The arrow soars, with a promise anew,
Of a future where possibilities come true.

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