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Urban Dreams

Urban Dreams

Zigzag Zibra, standing tall and bold,
A city's marvel, a story to be told.
With curves and angles, a masterpiece,
A dream realized for an architect's feast.

Windows peeking, revealing a world within,
A tapestry of lives, where dreams begin.
Students studying, minds full of quest,
Engineers innovating, putting skills to the test.

Artists creating, with colors and form,
Lawyers advocating, weathering the storm.
Businesses bustling, with goals to achieve,
Immigrants chasing, the dreams they believe.

But beyond the glass, more dreams reside,
Hidden in hearts, where hopes collide.
The stories untold, the unknown desires,
Fueled by passion, burning like fires.

For in this tower, dreams do dwell,
A symphony of aspirations, a magical spell.
A tribute to the city's relentless drive,
Where dreams take flight, and hearts revive.

So let the Zigzag Zibra inspire us all,
To chase our dreams, both big and small.
A beacon of ambition, a symbol of grace,
A testament to the human spirit's relentless pace.

As we gaze upon its beauty, we're reminded anew,
That dreams are within reach, for me and for you.
So let us strive, with hearts held high,
To leave our mark, against the sky.

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