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Windows of Reflection

Windows of Reflection

Offices we return, familiar sight,
With windows small, in rows so tight.
A space where hours turn to days,
Where work and life, a dance of ways.

In times of old, it was routine,
A place where tasks were often seen.
But now, a pause, a moment's thought,
As we reflect on what we sought.

A year of change, of shifts profound,
As work and life, a new path found.
With remote work, and distant spaces,
We glimpsed a world of different places.

From home's embrace, we learned to see,
The joy of freedom, and being free.
With larger windows, wider skies,
And time to ponder, to realize.

The office beckons, a call to return,
But questions linger, what will we learn?
The balance struck, a delicate dance,
Between the office and home's expanse.

For employers and employees alike,
A chance to ponder, to pause and strike,
A balance that honors both work and life,
And nurtures well-being, through joy and strife.

So as we enter, the offices anew,
Let's cherish lessons, gained in view,
Of wider windows, and open doors,
Of possibilities, and life's great tours.

A time of change, a time to reflect,
On what we seek, what we expect,
From work and life, in harmony,
As we navigate, a new reality.

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