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Beauty in the Silence

Beauty in the Silence

The empty escalator stretches out ahead,
A symbol of change, of times that have fled.
The leading line, a path to the unknown,
Towards a new future, where hope may be sown.

The foreground resembles giant shears,
Cutting through time, through doubts and fears.
The world outside, reflected in light,
A reminder of beauty, in the midst of the night.

The airport, once bustling with life,
Now sleeps in silence, in the midst of the strife.
The panels reflect the sky's pure blue,
A promise of a new day, with hope shining through.

The leading line, a path to the new,
Towards a world, that's yet to ensue.
A symbol of hope, in uncertain times,
A way to move forward, towards distant chimes.

So let us ride this escalator of change,
Towards a future that's yet to arrange.
A world of beauty, of sound and light,
Of endless possibilities, in sight.

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