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Chairs Towards the Future

Chairs Towards the Future

Through the arches of time and space,
The chairs stand tall in empty grace,
Their lines and curves, a work of art,
Guiding us to a brand new start.

The red triangle, a beacon bright,
Leading us towards a new insight,
A path to follow, uncharted still,
A journey of discovery, if we will.

So let us take the first step bold,
Into a future yet untold,
Embrace the unknown with open heart,
And let the chairs guide us to a fresh start.

As we walk through this arch of chairs,
We leave behind our doubts and fears,
And step into a world anew,
With endless possibilities in view.

Let the lines and shapes of this space,
Inspire us to find our place,
In a world that's waiting to be explored,
And a future that's yet to be adored.

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