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Echoes in the Hallway

Echoes in the Hallway

The hallway stretches long and wide,
A path devoid of travelers' stride.
The walls reflect a hue of blue,
While orange hues the ceiling too.

The silence lingers in the air,
An eerie calm beyond compare.
But if you listen close enough,
You'll hear a whisper, faint and rough.

It echoes through the empty space,
A memory of a different place.
The footsteps and the lively chatter,
That once filled this deserted matter.

The leading lines still point the way,
As if to urge a new today.
A future bright and full of hope,
Beyond this tunnel's narrow scope.

For though the present may seem bleak,
The future is not far to seek.
And when we walk this path once more,
We'll hear the echoes of before.

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