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Expressing Hope

Expressing Hope

The train speeds on, a beacon of light,
Through darkness and doubt, a guiding sight.
The seats lie empty, yet hope still remains,
A symbol of progress, in the midst of the strains.

The windows gleam, a mirror to the world,
A glimpse of life, in the empty swirl.
The city outside, sleeps in repose,
As the train moves on, through concrete rows.

The leading line, a path to the new,
Towards a world, that's yet to ensue.
A symbol of hope, in uncertain times,
A way to move forward, towards distant chimes.

The train may be empty, but it speaks of life,
Of movement and sound, of freedom and strife.
A reminder that progress, still moves ahead,
Even in times of darkness, and nights that seem dead.

So let us ride this train of hope,
Towards a future, that's yet to cope.
A world of movement, of sound and light,
Of endless possibilities, in sight.

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