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Leading to Tomorrow's Train

Leading to Tomorrow's Train

The station lies in stillness, quiet and bare,
A space that's left for us to share.
The hum of trains has faded away,
Yet in the distance, a glimmer of day.

A path unfolds, with tiles polished bright,
A line that leads towards the light.
The tunnel stretches, an endless stream,
A ribbon of hope, a guiding beam.

This path that leads to tomorrow's train,
A symbol of progress, without refrain.
A beacon of hope, in a world full of fear,
A reason to keep moving, to persevere.

The platform waits, an empty space,
But still we hope, for a future in grace.
The city may sleep, but its heart still beats,
As it dreams of the day, when life repeats.

So let us follow this leading line,
Towards a world that's yet to shine.
A world of movement, of sound and light,
Of tomorrow's train, a beacon in sight.

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