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Leading Towards the Unknown

Leading Towards the Unknown

The empty halls stretch on for miles,
The ghosts of travelers, lost in the aisles.
The echoes of footsteps, now long gone,
As we stand here, amidst the silence, all alone.

The leading lines guide us forward,
Towards a future that's yet to be explored.
The emptiness that surrounds us, a reminder of change,
As we move forward, towards a new range.

The world outside, a mystery yet untold,
As we wait for the future, to slowly unfold.
The airport stands proud, amidst the silence and still,
A symbol of hope, in a world that's uphill.

The leading lines, a path to the new,
As we move forward, with courage and virtue.
The world may be empty, but hope still abounds,
As we look forward, to brighter days and new sounds.

For in the midst of the darkness, there is still a light,
A sign of hope, that shines bright like a star at night.
So let us follow the leading lines, towards a future that's bright,
With hope in our hearts, and a spirit that's light.

For in the emptiness, there is still a spark,
A sign of hope, that shines through the dark.
So let us stand tall, and move forward with grace,
Towards a brighter tomorrow, in this empty space.

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