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Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows

The leading lines stretch out ahead,
On the shadowed floor, where light has fled.
The station stands silent, in the midst of the storm,
A place of departure, now devoid of form.

The echoes of footsteps, no longer resound,
Only the silence, as time slows down.
The walls stand tall, a witness to change,
A symbol of hope, in a world that's deranged.

The shadows stretch out, a path to the new,
Towards a future that's yet to ensue.
The world outside, a mystery that's yet to unfold,
As we follow the shadows, towards a future untold.

The clock ticks on, in a world that's still,
A reminder of time, that never stands still.
The station waits patiently, for a new day,
For the world to open up, for the skies to turn gray.

But until then, the shadows remain,
A path to the future, free from pain.
A world of hope, of light and sound,
A place where love and peace are found.

So let us follow the shadows, towards the light,
Towards a world that's pure and bright.
For in the midst of the darkness, there is still a glimmer,
A sign of hope, that shines like a shimmer.

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