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Welcome to ArtiVerse Lab

ArtiVerse Lab is an online platform for exploring ideas that transform photographs into new forms of art, such as photo to abstract, photo to painting, and photo to poetry. We experiment with and share techniques for creating such photo art by leveraging AI and digital tools. Additionally, we offer a curated selection of original photographs by ArtiVerse Lab's own photographer, Lucy Su, along with their innovatively derived artworks for collections. Join us to explore a fascinating world of artistry and creativity where the possibilities of artistic expression are boundless.

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Explore our galleries to discover paintings transformed from everyday photographs, poems that tell stories from every walk of life, and abstract visual arts that spark creativity. 

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Want to learn how? Learn from experiments in our Makerspace as we share techniques to help you create unique art forms from photographs using technologies like AI.


Make our arts your own? Just order your favorite pieces from our curated selection of artworks for collections, whether for your own inspiration or for your loved ones.

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