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Calling from Hawaii

Calling from Hawaii

Calling from Hawaii, the clouds paint the sky,
Their messages carried, on the winds that fly.
The palm trees sway, on the greens of the course,
And listen to the call, that echoes with force.

The clouds call out, of dreams to be sought,
Of adventures and wonders, that can't be bought.
Their call inspires, a sense of joy and delight,
A reminder to live, and to reach for new heights.

The sea calls back, of its power and might,
Of the beauty that lies, in this tropical sight.
Its call echoes, through the waves and the shore,
A reminder to explore, and to seek out more.

Together they call, a message of love,
A dance of nature, in this paradise above.
The clouds call to the palm trees, and the sea replies,
A conversation of beauty, that never ever dies.

So let us listen closely, to the call from Hawaii,
And let it guide us, as we soar through the sky.
For this land of the clouds, palm trees, and sea,
Is calling us to be wild and free.

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