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Whispering from the Clouds

Calling from Hawaii

Calling from Hawaii, the clouds paint the sky,
Their messages carried, on the winds that fly.
The palm trees sway, on the greens of the course,
And listen to the call, that echoes with force.

Light Through Darkness

The sky is painted with shades of gray
As dark clouds loom and threaten to fray
But in the midst of the storm's caress
A glimmer of hope, a light to impress

Soft Whispering

Soft whispers in the sky
A giant flower up high
Pink petals reaching out
Amidst the clouds about

The Solitude of Sunset

From high above, the clouds descend,
Like a whisper from a long lost friend.
They dance across, the evening sky,
In a symphony of whispers, passing by.

When Thunder Rolls

Dark clouds loom over the city,
A brewing storm, so dark and gritty,
The skyline stands tall and proud,
As the storm rumbles loud.

Whispering Love

As the day comes to an end,
The sky puts on a show, my friend.
A tapestry of pink and blue,
A canvas of beauty, just for you.

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Whispering from the Clouds

Up high in the sky, so free and so fair,
The clouds dance and float, without a care.
Their beauty and grace, a sight to behold,
Their whispers so soft, never growing old.

Whispering of Comfort

Amidst the clouds that dance and play,
A soft yellow and orange display,
It glows with comfort, warm and bright,
A soothing balm to ease the night.

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Whispering to the Mountains

Whispering to the mountains, the clouds drift on by,
Their messages carried, on the winds that sigh.
The mountains stand tall, their peaks reaching high,
And listen to the whispers, that dance in the sky.

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Whispering to the Sea

Whispering to the sea, the clouds come and go,
Their messages carried, by the winds that blow.
The waves rise and fall, with the rhythm of the tide,
And listen to the whispers, that dance on their side.

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