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Whispering of Comfort

Whispering of Comfort

Amidst the clouds that dance and play,
A soft yellow and orange display,
It glows with comfort, warm and bright,
A soothing balm to ease the night.

Around it swirls a darkened haze,
A storm of worries and malaise,
Yet in the midst of all that gloom,
The light of comfort finds its room.

It whispers peace to those below,
Whose hearts are heavy, weighed with woe,
Its gentle voice a calming breeze,
To soothe the soul and bring it ease.

It speaks of love, of gentle care,
Of being held, of being there,
Of knowing that in darkest times,
The light of comfort always shines.

The clouds that swirl around its glow,
Cannot diminish its gentle flow,
For comfort flows with steady grace,
A balm that brings a gentle pace.

So let the whispering of comfort be,
A source of solace, for you and me,
A light that shines through darkest hours,
A beacon shining with gentle power.

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