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Whispering to the Mountains

Whispering to the Mountains

Whispering to the mountains, the clouds drift on by,
Their messages carried, on the winds that sigh.
The mountains stand tall, their peaks reaching high,
And listen to the whispers, that dance in the sky.

The clouds whisper softly, of dreams yet to be,
Of hope and of courage, and of infinity.
Their whispers inspire, a sense of wonder and awe,
A reminder to keep climbing, to never withdraw.

The mountains whisper back, of strength and of might,
Of resilience and power, to conquer any height.
Their whispers echo, through the valleys below,
A steadfast reminder, of how far we can go.

Together they whisper, a message of hope,
A dance of nature, a limitless scope.
The clouds whisper to the mountains, and the mountains reply,
A conversation of beauty, that stretches to the sky.

So let us listen closely, to the whispers on high,
And let them guide us, as we reach for the sky.
For the mountains and the clouds, they whisper of grace,
And inspire us to climb, to reach our highest place.

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