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When Thunder Rolls

When Thunder Rolls

Dark clouds loom over the city,
A brewing storm, so dark and gritty,
The skyline stands tall and proud,
As the storm rumbles loud.

A beam of light, piercing the clouds,
As the storm whispers, so loud,
The city shivers with fear,
As the storm draws near.

But amidst the chaos and the roar,
A whisper in the wind, so pure,
A gentle reminder of hope and light,
In the midst of the darkest night.

The storm may rage and howl,
But the whisper remains, a loving vow,
To guide us through the fiercest gale,
To weather the storm, and never fail.

So let the storm rage on,
As the whisper grows ever strong,
We'll face the storm, with courage and might,
And emerge stronger, from the darkest night.

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