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Whispering Love

Whispering Love

As the day comes to an end,
The sky puts on a show, my friend.
A tapestry of pink and blue,
A canvas of beauty, just for you.

The clouds whisper secrets, in the fading light,
As they drift across the sky, so bright.
They dance and twirl, in graceful flight,
A symphony of whispers, so light.

They speak of love, and hope, and peace,
Of a world where worries cease.
Where the beauty of life, is there to seize,
And every moment, is a moment to please.

The pink and blue, of the sunset sky,
Is a gift from above, that can make you high.
To breathe in the whispers, as they pass by,
And let the worries, just say goodbye.

The whispers of the clouds, are a moment to cherish,
To let your heart, feel light and nourished.
To embrace the beauty, of the sky above,
And feel the power, of whispers of love.

So let the clouds, whisper to you,
And let the beauty, come shining through.
In the solitude, of the sunset sky,
Let the whispers, lift you high.

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