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Whispering to the Sea

Whispering to the Sea

Whispering to the sea, the clouds come and go,
Their messages carried, by the winds that blow.
The waves rise and fall, with the rhythm of the tide,
And listen to the whispers, that dance on their side.

The clouds whisper softly, of secrets untold,
Of treasures and wonders, that this sea does hold.
Their whispers inspire, a sense of adventure and awe,
A call to explore, and to venture further on shore.

The sea whispers back, of its mysteries deep and vast,
Of creatures and landscapes, beyond what we've grasped.
Its whispers echo, through the waves and the spray,
A reminder to seek, and to never turn away.

Together they whisper, a message of grace,
A dance of nature, in this intimate space.
The clouds whisper to the sea, and the sea replies,
A conversation of beauty, that touches the skies.

So let us listen closely, to the whispers of this sea,
And let them guide us, as we journey to be free.
For this sea and the clouds, they whisper of wonder,
And inspire us to explore, this treasure trove down under.

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