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The Solitude of Sunset

The Solitude of Sunset

From high above, the clouds descend,
Like a whisper from a long lost friend.
They dance across, the evening sky,
In a symphony of whispers, passing by.

The sun sets low, in a blaze of gold,
As the clouds whisper secrets, to be told.
Of the beauty of the world below,
And the magic of life, that we all know.

The trees stand still, in the fading light,
As the clouds whisper softly, in the night.
They speak of hope, and love, and peace,
As the world falls still, and worries cease.

The solitude of sunset, is a moment to cherish,
A time to reflect, and to find a purpose.
To embrace the whispers, and let the worries go,
As the clouds descend, and the night unfolds.

The beauty of sunset, is a gift from above,
A moment of magic, that we can all love.
To hold it close, and let it be,
A memory of peace, and tranquility.

The clouds whisper softly, as the day slips away,
A gentle reminder, to enjoy every day.
To listen to their whispers, and embrace the night,
As the world falls silent, in the fading light.

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