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Hello from the Animal Kingdom

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SA001: Lion

Hey yo, it's time to meet,
The king of the jungle, with paws so neat,
I'm the mighty lion, with a golden mane,
Living in the savannah, it's my domain,
I'm strong and brave, with a mighty roar,
I'm a top predator, that's for sure,
With sharp teeth and a powerful stride,
I'm the Animal Kingdom's regal pride!

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SA002: Tiger

Listen up, it's time to see,
The tiger in the wild, so bold and free,
With stripes of orange and black, so bright,
Roaming the forests, a majestic sight,
A top predator, with stealthy grace,
In Asian jungles, a fearsome chase!

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SA003: Jaguar

(Verse 1)
Get ready for some jungle vibes,
With the king of the Americas, in his prime,
I'm the jaguar, a sleek feline,
Roaming the rainforests, with a mighty shine,
With spots called rosettes, on my fur so sleek,
Camouflaged to strike, when I sneak!


Listen up, it's time to see,
A primate that's small as can be,
I'm the tarsier, with big round eyes,
Living in Asia, where the forest lies,
Hunting at night, I leap and climb,
With limbs so long, it's quite a rhyme!

SA005: Koala

Yo, it's time to groove, and have some fun,
With a marsupial, that's second to none,
I'm the koala, up in the trees,
Living in Australia, with so much ease,
Chomping on eucalyptus, all day long,
With a fluffy coat, looking so strong!

SA006: Elephant

Listen up, y'all, it's time to shout,
About a pachyderm, no doubt,
I'm the elephant, big and wise,
With ears so large, and a trunk that's prize,
Roaming the savannah, in a herd,
With a trumpeting call, that can be heard!

SA007: Chimpanzee

Yo, what's up, it's time to rap,
About a primate that's full of clap,
I'm the chimpanzee, smart and sly,
Living in the trees, way up high,
In the forests of Africa, my home,
Swinging through the branches, I freely roam!

SA008: Giraffe

Listen up, Yo, it's time to learn,
About a creature with a neck that'll make you yearn,
I'm the giraffe, tall and grand,
With a long neck that's truly grand,
Roaming the savannah, high and wide,
With spots on my coat, a unique hide!

SA009: Black Bear

Hey there, y'all, it's time to groove,
Let me introduce a bear that's smooth,
I'm the black bear, big and strong,
Roaming through the woods all day long,
With dark fur and a mighty frame,
I'm a master of the wilderness game,
Living in North America's woods,
Exploring freely, in adventurous moods!

SA010: Squirrel Monkey

Let's have some fun, yo, let's go!
Meet the squirrel monkey, with moves that flow,
I'm small and bright, a jungle acrobat,
Swinging from trees, just like that,
With a fluffy tail and agile grace,
In the rainforest, I find my place,
Eating fruits and bugs, a varied treat,
With sharp teeth, I'm hard to beat!

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