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Bridging Ideas and Sea

Bridging Ideas and Sea

In the golden hour, an arch of red,
The Golden Gate, a marvel ahead.
Through the tower, a cityscape so grand,
SF, a hub of ideas, a visionary land.

The bridge, a connection, between land and sea,
A symbol of strength, of possibility.
Like the innovators of Silicon Valley,
People behind ideas, whose impact we can tally.

With towers so high, and cables so strong,
The bridge stands firm, amidst the throng.
Like the people of Silicon Valley,
Whose determination and creativity we rally.

The water below, a vast, unknown space,
A challenge to conquer, a puzzle to face.
But the bridge, a constant, a structure so grand,
A bridge of red, bridging sea and land.

Like the stand of the Golden Gate,
May the people of Silicon Valley, never abate.
In the golden hour, may their ideas shine bright,
A symbol of hope, a beacon of light.

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