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Heartfelt Architecture

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Bridging Ideas and Sea

In the golden hour, an arch of red,
The Golden Gate, a marvel ahead.
Through the tower, a cityscape so grand,
SF, a hub of ideas, a visionary land.

Designs of Diversity

Within the heart of Nathan's Square,
A city's pulse, a nation's flare,
Where buildings old and new entwine,
Canada's cultures, all combine.

Golden Legacy

Oh, how the tower seems to gleam
With every passing golden beam
A beacon of hope and light
For all who seek to learn and fight

Light of Courage

In the heart of a city scarred and torn,
Stands a symbol of hope, forever reborn.
A building of light, amidst the dark,
A beacon of courage, a righteous mark.

Light of Hope

Within the heart of Oculus' space,
A beacon of hope, a bright embrace.
The sunbeam pours, through windows tall,
A triumph of light, over shadows small.

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Look Forward

Within the walls of Brookfield's hall,
A space so grand, it overwhelms all.
The arch of the ceiling, a wonder to behold,
A masterpiece of design, a story untold.

Rainbow Trinity

Rainbow hues adorn the old brick walls,
A symbol of acceptance, pride, and love,
The Trinity stands tall and proud,
A beacon of hope for those seeking above.

Skyward Canoes

Two canoes on the roof, they say,
But not the kind to paddle or sway,
For they are windows, clear and bright,
Reflecting the airport's gleaming light.

Through the Window

Through the window, a golden glow
A glimpse into the past we know
The halls of learning, filled with light
A beacon shining through the night

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Unwavering Force

Oh, Brooklyn Bridge, you stand so tall,
A wonder of the world, admired by all.
May your beauty in the golden hour shine,
A beacon of strength, a symbol divine.

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