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Look Forward

Look Forward

Within the walls of Brookfield's hall,
A space so grand, it overwhelms all.
The arch of the ceiling, a wonder to behold,
A masterpiece of design, a story untold.

The blue lights show, a celestial sea,
A beacon of hope, shining bright and free.
The warmth of the floor, a comforting sight,
A path to the future, a guiding light.

Amidst the emptiness, a sense of still,
A quiet reminder, of all we fulfill.
The space around us, once filled with sound,
Now echoes a message, of what's been found.

A world in flux, a shifting stage,
A time of change, of a different age.
But in this space, there's a glimmer of hope,
A sign of resilience, of what we can cope.

Look forward, my friend, to a brighter day,
A time of renewal, of a different way.
With Brookfield's halls as a guiding light,
We'll find our way, to a future bright.

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