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Designs of Diversity

Designs of Diversity

Within the heart of Nathan's Square,
A city's pulse, a nation's flare,
Where buildings old and new entwine,
Canada's cultures, all combine.

A Toronto sign, bold and bright,
Embracing all with its warm light,
Its message clear, its voice so strong,
Inclusion is where we belong.

Each brick and beam, a history,
A tapestry of diversity,
A patchwork woven strong and true,
A city's pride, a nation's glue.

From every land, we come to stay,
Our roots may differ, but we sway,
Together in this vibrant place,
We share our lives, we live with grace.

So let the Toronto sign shine bright,
A beacon for all to unite,
In Nathan Square, a melting pot,
Where all are welcome, we all are not.

Let's celebrate our differences,
Our unique strengths, our common essence,
For in this land, we're all one whole,
Canada is home, our heart and soul.

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