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Unwavering Force

Unwavering Force

From the river below, a vision is born,
A bridge of steel, built to adorn.
In the golden hour, its arches glow,
A masterpiece of design, so grand and bold.

The towers and cables, strong and secure,
Stand proud and tall, built to endure.
As the sun sets, its rays embrace,
The bridge aglow, a sight to chase.

The thin steel lines, that pull the arch,
A symphony of strength, beyond compare.
They hold the bridge with unwavering force,
A marvel of engineering, a sight to endorse.

Each strand a lifeline, each cable a bond,
Connecting two worlds, forever beyond.
A symbol of hope, a symbol of might,
A bridge that unites in the fading light.

Oh, Brooklyn Bridge, you stand so tall,
A wonder of the world, admired by all.
May your beauty in the golden hour shine,
A beacon of strength, a symbol divine.

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