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Light of Hope

Light of Hope

Within the heart of Oculus' space,
A beacon of hope, a bright embrace.
The sunbeam pours, through windows tall,
A triumph of light, over shadows small.

The debris of 9/11, a burden to bear,
But here, a symbol of strength and repair.
The curves and lines, an engineering feat,
A testament to progress, and to defeat.

In every corner, a reminder of past,
A tragedy that forever will last.
Yet here we stand, in this light so pure,
A celebration of life, and all it endures.

We honor the fallen, the heroes who gave,
Their legacy lives on, in this modern enclave.
And as we move forward, with each passing day,
We remember the light, and the hope it conveys.

So let us stand tall, and embrace this sensation,
Of hope, of courage, of celebration.
For within the walls of Oculus' grand design,
We see a future bright, with love and light divine.

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