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Light of Courage

Light of Courage

In the heart of a city scarred and torn,
Stands a symbol of hope, forever reborn.
A building of light, amidst the dark,
A beacon of courage, a righteous mark.

The Oculus, its arches rise up high,
Defiant and strong against a bruised sky.
Amidst the shadows, a light descends,
A message of hope, that never ends.

The darkness may linger, but courage remains,
A strength that defies, the worst of pains.
And in this space, where light meets dark,
A message of hope, forever leaves its mark.

The Oculus, a monument to life and love,
A shining example, from the heavens above.
So let its light guide us, through the darkest of days,
And lead us to a future, full of hope and grace.

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