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Autumn Melody

Autumn Melody

As autumn bids farewell to summer's warm embrace,
The trees around the lake reveal their hidden grace.
Their leaves are ablaze with hues of gold and red,
A sight that leaves one breathless, words left unsaid.

The still waters mirror the trees' vibrant array,
A peaceful scene that lulls the soul in every way.
The clouds above drift lazily in the sky,
As if admiring the beauty that catches the eye.

The calmness of the lake and the beauty of the trees,
Make one pause and reflect, to ponder and to seize,
The moments of life that bring joy and peace,
And savor the memories that never cease.

In this quiet reflection of nature's serene art,
We find a respite for the mind and the heart.
A moment to pause, to be still, and to see,
The beauty that surrounds us, and to just be.

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