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Beyond The Horizon

Alpine Dreams

Majestic peaks, a verdant scene
A sight that's made for Alpine dreams
Rocky outcrops, a tapestry of green
A picturesque view like none you've seen

Autumn Melody

As autumn bids farewell to summer's warm embrace,
The trees around the lake reveal their hidden grace.
Their leaves are ablaze with hues of gold and red,
A sight that leaves one breathless, words left unsaid.

Autumn Reflection

As autumn colors paint the trees
And crispness fills the air
The peaceful lake reflects the scene
A moment still and rare

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New Day, New Horizons

The sea stretches out, vast and wide,
Its waves crashing against the shore with pride.
In the light of dawn, the world comes alive,
As the sun creeps up over the horizon, it thrives.

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Rock of Hope in Dusk

The sun dips down beneath the sea,
A farewell to the day that used to be.
In the dusk, the world takes on a new light,
A beauty that's alluring, a sight so bright.

Seaside Serenity

Amidst the sea and rocky shore,
The Point Lobos Preserve stands forevermore.
Its beauty stretches far and wide,
A sight that fills the heart with pride.

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Sunrise Flight

As the sun rises over Toronto's skyline,
A new day dawns, a fresh start, a new design.
The city awakens, alive with the sound,
Of birds taking flight, soaring off the ground.

Sunset Serenade

Golden rays of setting sun
Paint the sky and ocean as one
Hues of orange and pink so bright
Create a scene of stunning delight

The Wonder of Whistler

The mountain landscape in Whistler,
A scene that awakens the soul with vigor.
The rocky foreground, green trees,
A beauty that inspires and frees.

Twilight Beauty

The sun dips low in the horizon,
A pink hue spreads and the sky is frozen.
The Natural Bridge at Santa Cruz,
A sight that never ceases to amuse.

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