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The Wonder of Whistler

The Wonder of Whistler

The mountain landscape in Whistler,
A scene that awakens the soul with vigor.
The rocky foreground, green trees,
A beauty that inspires and frees.

The distant mountains with snow-capped peaks,
A sight that makes the heart skip a beat.
The white snow against the blue sky,
A picture that feels like it can't be denied.

The fresh mountain air, a crispness so pure,
A feeling that fills one's heart with allure.
The majesty of nature, a sight to behold,
A story that's waiting to be told.

The rocky terrain that juts out so bold,
A picture of power that cannot be controlled.
The greenery that blankets the land,
A vision of life that's so grand.

In Whistler, a place of unparalleled beauty,
A scene that fills one with awe and duty.
To protect the land, to keep it pure,
A promise to make the future secure.

The mountain landscape in Whistler,
A picture that stays forever and longer.
A vision of nature at its best,
A place where the heart finds eternal rest.

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