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New Day, New Horizons

New Day, New Horizons

The sea stretches out, vast and wide,
Its waves crashing against the shore with pride.
In the light of dawn, the world comes alive,
As the sun creeps up over the horizon, it thrives.

In Santa Cruz, the sea meets the land,
A beautiful sight, tranquil and grand.
The sand beneath my feet, soft and warm,
A reminder of the beauty of nature's form.

The sky above, painted shades of pink and gold,
A breathtaking scene, a sight to behold.
As the sun rises, the world begins anew,
A new day, a fresh start, a chance to pursue.

The sea breeze whispers in my ear,
As the gulls take flight, their cries I hear.
In this moment, all worries fade,
As I stand in awe of the scene God has made.

So let us take a moment to pause and reflect,
On the beauty of nature, the world we protect.
For in Santa Cruz, as in every place,
There is a beauty that cannot be replaced.

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