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Sunrise Flight

Sunrise Flight

As the sun rises over Toronto's skyline,
A new day dawns, a fresh start, a new design.
The city awakens, alive with the sound,
Of birds taking flight, soaring off the ground.

Towards the CN Tower they fly,
A symbol of strength that scrapes the sky.
Its needle-like spire, a beacon of hope,
A reminder that we can climb any slope.

The city below, a bustling hive of life,
Its streets and buildings, a testament to strife.
Yet in the morning light, it's beauty shines through,
A mosaic of colors, a breathtaking view.

As the birds reach their destination,
They perch atop the tower, in admiration.
For in this moment, they see the world anew,
A city full of wonder, a city that's true.

So let us take inspiration from this scene,
And find the beauty in all that we've been.
For every morning brings a new sunrise,
And with it, a chance to open our eyes.

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