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Rock of Hope in Dusk

Rock of Hope in Dusk

The sun dips down beneath the sea,
A farewell to the day that used to be.
In the dusk, the world takes on a new light,
A beauty that's alluring, a sight so bright.

In Morrow Bay, the Big Rock stands tall,
A monument to time, to stand through it all.
It watches as the day fades away,
As the night takes hold, and the stars come to play.

The sky above, painted hues of gold and red,
A tapestry of colors, a sight to behold, it's said.
The sea below, a gentle lullaby,
As the waves roll in, reaching for the sky.

As the world turns, the rock remains,
A steadfast witness to life's many pains.
Yet it also stands as a symbol of hope,
A reminder that even in the darkest of days, we can cope.

So let us take a moment to reflect and see,
The beauty of the world, the life it can be.
For in Morrow Bay, as in every place,
There is a beauty that we cannot replace.

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